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March 09, 2021
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President's Message

It was great seeing so many of our members at our first in-person 2021 meeting of the Club on March 2nd.  With 22 people at the Legion and over 10 on the ZOOM call, this hybrid meeting format definitely increases the member attendance levels.
I announced at our March 2 meeting that Parker is stepping away from his role on the Board. I wish to express again,  on behalf of the Board and the Club, our many thanks and appreciation to Parker for his great work on the Board as Director of Membership. Parker continually demonstrated his strong dedication to his portfolio, bringing an energetic and thoughtful approach to membership and Board issues.
What an incredible success the Club has had with the Rotary maple syrup sales where Yvonne announced last week that the first run of 500 bottles has already sold out. The Club voted at our Tuesday, March 2nd meeting to do another run of 500 bottles.
My thanks to the members that were able to respond to Lisa Lindsay’s request for volunteers at the Picton Arena Vaccination Clinic last Friday. On short notice, the Club mobilized the team of John Inwood, Dave and Mary Robinet, David Smith, and FoR Steve Leyland. Also, a shout out to Rob Leek of the Picton Rotary Club for quickly responding with resources, and for reaching out to Public Health Unit to understand their plans for future vaccination events.
On Monday, March 1, there was a meeting of the District’s presidents. The meeting opened with a presentation covering the planning for Great Lakes Watershed Clean-up. (Update: Adam Goheen recently notified the Club of the County’s support for Beach Cleanup on April 24th, noting it coincides with Earth Day). Other items of note:
  • DG Mark Chipman reminded the attendees that the District has $5 Million liability coverage for everyone participating in a Rotary event.
  • The District is planning for a Fall trip to the RI Headquarters in Chicago for this year’s presidents and the incoming presidents. The trip is an annual event for incoming presidents, but last year’s event was cancelled.
  • Details for the District Conference starting Friday June 24th are now available. The attendance fee is $10, and the proceeds will be donated to the Rotary Foundation. Saturday morning has a great line-up of speakers for the ZOOM portion of the Conference which is followed by an afternoon event to be arranged by each Club for their community.
  • Eglinton Rotary has invited members to join their Weds. April 14th meeting at 12:15 to hear Jennifer Jones, Rotary International’s President for 2022-23. If you are interested in attending, please contact Lois McRae at
  • The Beirut Karantina Hospital Global Grant Initiative achieved its $395K goal.
  • Before May 15th, each Club needs to have two members sign up for the District Grants.
Below is a sample of the Women in Rotary pins that Past District Governor Mary Lou Harrison has provided for distribution to our female members. 

President Howard

Last Week:
Stacey  Daub

President Howard opened the meeting at 7:07, at the Legion, announcing visitor Sean Ellis and commiserating with William M. over his broken ribs. 22 were present in person with 15 joining by Zoom. After a rather abortive attempt at Oh Canada!, courtesy of YouTube, David M introduced the guest speaker, Stacey Daub, CEO of Quinte Health Care, whom he had a role in recently appointing. He referenced her skills in collaboration and persuasion as well as her impressive past experience with all types of healthcare. Two other qualities he particularly noted in her were ‘vision and a sense of future’.
Stacey began by sharing some family details and education as well as previous involvement with community and primary care. Her first experience of a pandemic came with SARS and subsequently she has been directly responsible for fighting Covid’s community transmission, especially in Long Term Care (Nursing) homes in Ontario. 
Stacey made the decision to relocate to the area partly because she feels the kind of community exists here that well suits her vision for future service and growth, both personally and professionally. The energy with which she has addressed her new responsibilities is impressive. She has visited all four hospitals in the authority, held over 400 Zoom meetings with the health care providers as well as having done considerable research and preparation before taking up her post on January 4th. She explained why, despite the relatively few Covid cases or deaths in our area, it is still necessary to maintain all precautions. She highlighted the shortage of long-term or convalescent care, particularly for seniors, which is keeping hospital wards fuller than necessary. Regarding the imminence of vaccination against Covid, she reported that Quinte Health has supplies for local distribution and inoculation which began last Thursday. As well as the need to prepare for a third wave of the disease, Stacey is also concerned about the surgical backlog, though many other treatments had continued relatively predictably. Turning to the topic of Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital, she expressed her strong interest in the project to replace it and explained that possibly inexact predictions and Covid were behind the recently-announced delay to the completion date. She does not believe that the project could be derailed for political or health-planning reasons.
After referring to the situation regarding the CFO and the importance of the Critical Care Secretariat, Stacey answered questions and was thanked by Sharon.
In Club business, Bill M. needs more volunteers for March so please sign up.
Phyo and others will be meeting with Adam Goheen from the County about (and at) the Wellington Rotary Beach. Michelle raised concerns about safety on the route to the lighthouse from the beach.
Yvonne reported on and was congratulated for her achievement with the Rotary maple syrup. Almost all the first batch is sold and a second bottling was approved by the Club nem con.
Parker is stepping back from the role of Director of Membership, his efforts at which were recognised by President Howard.
The Legion is comfortable with seating being rearranged to best observe social-distancing protocols as long as it is returned to the previous setup after disinfection.
After recognising Niden’s birthday and the 4 Way Test, President Howard closed the meeting at 8.05.

Geoff Telling


First batch of 500 Bottles were SOLD OUT within the week!!   We will have a second batch of another 500 Bottles in a few weeks...




An old man thinks his wife is losing her hearing.  He calls the doctor about it and the doctor says he can do a little experiment to determine the severity:

Ask her a question from the next room in a normal tone of voice, and keep asking while coming closer until she can hear you.  That way you know the range of her hearing.”

That night, he’s sitting on his easy chair in the living room while his wife is in the kitchen cooking dinner.  He estimates he’s about 30 feet away.  In a normal tone of voice, he says:  "What’s for dinner?”

She doesn’t respond, so he gets up and walks to the kitchen doorway, about 20 feet away, and asks:  "What’s for dinner?”

She still doesn’t respond so he walks 10 feet closer and asks:  "What’s for dinner?”

She still doesn’t say anything, so he gets right up beside her and asks:  "What’s for dinner?”

She says:  "For the fourth damn time we’re having chicken!”

Mar 09, 2021 7:07 AM
Medical supplies for Lebanon
Mar 16, 2021 7:07 AM
District's DEI Committee (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)
Mar 23, 2021 7:07 AM
Storehouse Foodbank
Mar 30, 2021 7:07 AM
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