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Alzheimer's Society 
November 12, 2019
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President's Message

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and as you all know, we have an awful lot to be thankful for.
Many of us had their fathers and in some cases, their mothers who served in WW2 and or several other wars. A few of us in the club actually remember the days when their parent was away overseas defending our country for our freedom.
My father was one of those who saw action in WW2 and at the age of 4 yrs. old, I saw my dad leave for the war in Korea.  He was one of the fortunate ones to return home with his body still intact.
We think of the things that those men and women who served in the Armed Forces, what they did and some of things that they had to do. It is hard to imagine the horrible nightmares that they must have had afterwards of the sights & scenes that they relived day after day. My dad was one who never wanted to talk about his experiences during the wars and I am sure that many of his comrades were the same.
Very few veterans are still alive to see the life changes and progress of nations joining together, although there are still some that can’t seem to get along. Our members are known for how much we support this community. I hope that every member of our club, at least those who are not working will attend the Remembrance Day service here in Wellington. Bill Mitchell will lay a wreath on behalf of our club. Come out and support our fallen troupes and those who are serving us yet today.
Thank you for the freedom.
Dave Robinet

Last Week: WARA

Bob Riendeau and David Searle from the Wellington Auxiliary Rescue Association (WARA) presented their activities to the Club.  WARA is an auxiliary to the Canadian Coast Guard and is a volunteer based organization that rescues anyone in need of assistance in the waters off the coast of Prince Edward County.  The Coast Guard (CG) is responsible for providing marine rescues, and are based in Coburg and Kingston.  When there is an emergency in the water, the CG rescue ships may take as long as 2 hours to get to the shores of PEC,  so WARA works with the Coast Guard by providing quick response (about 20 minutes).  WARA is considered first responders.  WARA has 16 active crew members and they are all volunteers.  They operate a rescue boat out of the Wellington harbour.  WARA is able to provide a quick response at about a tenth of the operating cost as the CG.   

The number of incidents have decreased in recent times. Last year there were 4 incidents.  But regardless of frequency of incidents, all volunteers must remain well trained to perform the rescue duties as if it is second nature.  Each crew member requires about 24 hours of training per year.  It costs about $165 per hour for training. The CG does provide training budget for WARA, but WARA must supplement that budget.  WARA raises funds by selling donated boats, or asking for assistance from service clubs like the Rotary.  The ask for training this year is $1500.

WARA provides a much needed essential marine rescue service through volunteers.  If someone is in trouble on the lake, such as a stranded boat,  they should dial *16 and the dispatch  will alert WARA volunteers to the rescue.  Most incidents involve transient visitors passing by PEC coast on their way east or west on Lake Ontario.  The waters off the coast of Salmon Point are potentially dangerous and inexperienced boaters often get into trouble there.

In other Club business, the Anniversary Pot Luck party is at Parker and Suzanne Gallant's house on November 19th.  Each member should notify Parker on what dishes you will be bringing.

Lana Whittaker is helping organize the Breakfast with the Dukes event on November 23rd.  Please see her email for assistance needed.


Up-coming Events 

Thursday, November 14, D7070 AGM and The Foundation Dinner, Oshawa. Mandatory event for Club Presidents and Foundation Chairs. 

Tuesday, November 19, Anniversary Potluck Dinner at Suzanne and Parker Gallant's House. No morning meeting on that day. 


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Nov 10, Trudy Brown
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Nov 14, Parker Gallant & Suzanne
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