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Chartered November 22, 2002
Rotarian of the Year:
Bill Mitchell

Club Bulletin for week of July 26, 2022
Club Forum

                  President's Message   
Rotary Planning 2022/23:  During the last week I have been busy working with some Rotary Board Members preparing our budget for this Rotary Year.    It will be completed and presented to the Club for approval on the 26th of July.    Our Objectives for the new year are to continue with the highly successful fundraising projects, with the Bottle Depot being the main source of funds.   White Labelling (Wine or Maple Syrup) will return along with the popular Diners and Duffers book sales.   In October we are holding our Rotary Fundraising Dinner and Online Auction and on September 22nd our Fundraising Golf Tournament will be held at Wellington on the Lake.   In addition to donations for local and international projects we will continue our focus on funding demands for new equipment for our local hospital.
This year our Club Objectives will also include the development of a Wellness Committee which will focus on a plan to help reduce the number of Orphan Patients in PEC, this committee will also be discussing Health Promotion and Disease Prevention initiatives.   We are going to increase our commitment to local youth with the development of a committee to assist the Director of  Literacy/Education.
Rotary Kids Camps of Hope: During the next two weeks, Members of the Rotary Club will be out in our community soliciting donations for our Fundraising Golf Tournament, proceeds will be used to support Rotary Kids Camps of Hope, which will provide camp opportunities for underprivileged children in the area.    We are looking for Hole Sponsors $100 (charitable receipts if requested) or prizes, if you are interested in making a donation please contact me at krobertson007@aol.com.
Donation to Community Care for Seniors:  Rotary was proud to have the opportunity to donate $1000 in support of Community Care for Seniors (Picton) this week.  In recognition of the impact the pandemic has had on Not for Profit organizations our club doubled our annual donation this year. Executive Director Debbie MacDonald Myers gave us an award that recognizes the Wellington Rotary Club as Diamond Level Donors in support of Seniors in PEC.
Ken Robertson

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Last Week:  Charles Dowdall (PEC Affordable Housing)

Pres. Ken opened the meeting on time with 28 members present plus one guest and our speaker joining via Zoom. Peter Campbell introduced his guest, whom he is sponsoring for membership. Roger Tessier has been President of his current Club, Cobourg, twice and is a very active Rotarian. This was the first of his three visits prior to joining us. After the usual formalities and a check on members’ health, with the news of successful surgeries for Kim & Linda, Pres. Ken asked Linda to introduce Charles (Chuck) Dowdall, the Executive Director of the Housing Corporation of Prince Edward County. After a career spanning over twenty years in the finance industry, gaining MBA, CFC and CFT qualifications, Chuck turned his attention to the desperate need for affordable accommodation and has worked in non-profit organizations to develop sustainable ways to address this crisis. He is also a Board member of TechnoWave and a member of ACTRA.

Chuck began his presentation with examples of how costs to rent or purchase property have skyrocketed, particularly since 2020. This has put suitable and affordable housing out of the reach of many families and individuals and forced them to make painful choices between paying for accommodation and buying food. The good news is that the HCPEC and the County have been working together, and with other agencies, to address the issue. In Wellington, the former community centre (old Dukedome) will be demolished and a total of 40 units will be built on the site. This will comprise of one building with 18 one-bedroom (650 sq ft) apartments, 17 two-bedroom units (850 sq ft) and one three-bedroom unit (1,100 sq ft). A separate building will comprise 4 additional three-bedroom (1,700 sq ft) townhouses. Construction will begin before the year’s end and occupants should be moving in before the end of 2024. Rents will be capped to ensure affordability. There is also another development to take place on Disraeli Street in Picton including some modular homes (6 bachelor apartments and 6 one-bedroom). In addition, the possibility of constructing ‘tiny’ homes is being explored so that the current plans for the County would ultimately achieve up to 500 units over the next thirty-six to forty-eight months. Special priority is being placed on having zoning changes and site plans accelerated to under sixty days. In addition, financial incentives are available to encourage the building of additional long-term accommodation by private individuals and companies which ensures that rents are maintained at affordable levels.

After his talk, Chuck took questions from members. Peter enquired about the management of such properties and was told that that would either be in the hands of the Council or a third party. David McKinnon commented on the political will to achieve these goals and praised our Council and, in particular, CEO Marcia Williams for their work and support. Colin asked what pre-qualifications potential residents might need and Barry wondered how our Club might, specifically, be of assistance. Chuck was thanked by David McKinnon.

In Club business, after Bottle Bill’s needs were addressed, Lana explained about a request from the Prince Edward County Soccer Association (PECSA) for our Club to take over the barbecuing at the annual tournament on August 5th & 6th which had previously been taken care of by the Kinsmen. As this was relatively short notice, will involve five to six hundrer players and be a full two-day commitment for a minimum of three workers and any given time, it was felt this was not doable this year, at any rate. Possible financial support for PECSA was discussed. On another topic, the PEC Community Care for Seniors gave our Club the Diamond Level Award for Community support for our contributions. Pres. Ken then shared that his 2022/23 Budget is under construction and will be available shortly. A committee, led by Mike and Trudy, is preparing for the Club’s Twentieth Anniversary celebrations. Several other members are also assisting: John Inwood, Bill Mitchell, Liz, Margo, Dawn and, hopefully Reg Gemmell. The ‘party’ is slated for Tuesday November 22nd.

Three members and their spouses celebrated anniversaries: Kim, Ken and Peter. After Happy Dollars, the 50/50 and the 4 Way Test, the meeting closed at 8.10.
Notes from Geoffrey Telling

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Bottle Depot Volunteers Schedule for This Week


Wednesday July 27, 2022

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.: John Inwood, Ted Nash, Norm Dodgson, Alex Lacher (FoR)

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.:  Barry Davidson, Sethu Madhaven (FoR), Dave Robinet, Roger Tessier (FoR)


Saturday July 30, 2022

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.: Liz Bosma, William Mulholland, Dave Robinet, Julie Craig (FoR)

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: Trudy Brown, Phyo Kyi, Doug & Brenda Little (FoR)

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Birthdays & Anniversaries

 Member Birthdays
John Heeringa 
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 Member Anniversaries

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Rotary Grace

O Lord and giver of all good
We thank thee for our day food
May Rotary friends and Rotary ways
Help us to serve thee all our days.


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Four Way Test

       Of the things we think, say, and do:
        1.  Is it the TRUTH?
        2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
        3.  Will it build GOODWILL and better
        4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all 

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Rotary Song

R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
R-O-T-A-R-Y, is known on land and sea.
From north to south, and east to west,
They profit most who serve the best,
R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
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