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Mark Wafer
(Joint Meeting with Campbellford Club, Enabling the Disabled)

May 11, 2021
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President's Message

Last Tuesday’s meeting was something different but engaging. Not only did we have a great presentation from return guest, Liam Smith of the John Howard Society, but we conducted four Club votes as follows:
  1. $1000 approved to help 2 year-old Kat Kennedy with her expenses in her battle with retinoblastoma,
  2. $500 was not approved for the Help Kids Now safety books,
  3. $1000 approved to support Picton Rotary’s campaign to boost the morale of our community’s healthcare workers,
  4. $500 approved to go to the John Howard’s Society for the purchase of dumbbells for Liam Smith’s youth activity program was deferred to the Board and subsequently approved by a Board email vote. Below is a photo of the dumbbell set Liam Smith will be purchasing:
I spoke to Lisa Lindsay at one of last Thursday’s vaccination clinics and the number of clinics will be increasing soon as more doses become available. I told her that between our members and our Friends, there is a strong willingness to volunteer at these clinics.
Congratulations to the Club for orchestrating another successful Beach Clean-up; and thank you to all the volunteers that showed up to clean and restore the boardwalk.
On Monday, May 3rd, DG Mark Chipman hosted a meeting of the District’s presidents and president elects. A number of items were covered and, of note, the desperate situation in St. Vincent caused by the recent volcanic eruption was discussed. I am hoping to see an email from the Toronto Rotary Club regarding fund raising to help the approximately 20,000 residents that have been displaced.
One last item – on Weds May 12th, Picton’s McDonalds will donate 50 cents from the purchase of every M, L, & XL coffee to the Alzheimer Society (Hastings Prince Edward). 
President Howard


Last Week:
Liam Smith
(Youth Peer Leader, John Howard Society)

According to Mike Lattner, Sgt-at-Arms, the meeting opened on time via Zoom with 29 members and guests present. After welcoming Liam Smith and Will Manos to the meeting, President Howard passed on the very sad news that Al Obal, Friend of Rotary and regular volunteer at the bottle returns depot had passed away. The Club’s sincerest condolences were imparted to Al’s family.
President Howard handed the ‘floor’ to Robert Leek, Past President of the Picton Rotary Club who shared that, having heard from Stacey Daub (CEO of QHC) regarding a crisis in morale of our health-care workers as a result of the Covid pandemic, the Picton Club has decided on a campaign to show our community support. After explaining that this might include banners and signs, a ribbon campaign, testimonials recognising individuals and gift cards, Rob suggested reading the recent article in the Globe & Mail, on the crisis in morale and said that the Picton Club was starting this project with a budget of $1,000 and invited Wellington Club to join their efforts.
Liz Bosma introduced the guest speaker, Liam Smith, of the John Howard Society, who was joined by colleague Will Manos. Liam was part of the Rotary's PACT Program to support young people adjusting to adulthood, and the Rotary Club of Wellington sponsored him to attend RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) in 2019.  A voice for youth, addressing relevant issues, Liam recently relocated to Belleville.
Liam began his presentation by explaining how important his experiences at RYLA was to him at a key point in his development, especially the connections he had made with peers. He continues to be in close and regular contact with three of those he met through RYLA. He then went on to give an insight into the challenges brought about by the Covid pandemic including moving to a new locale, Belleville. Liam has been working with a program started by Ryerson University in 2016 (Cross-over Youth Project) to research and provide support for young persons and is currently engaged at the John Howard Society, helping youth involved in the justice system. He likes to focus on physical activities and has been very creative in finding ways to engage participants despite Covid restrictions. His interactions occur over a wide age-range from 10 year-olds to, potentially, mid-twenty-year-olds. He works in cooperation with Will and Liz and concluded his talk with a request for funding for a set of dumbbells to facilitate distanced exercising outside of a gym ($500) After taking questions, Liam was thanked by President Howard.
Under Club business, Yvonne informed us that the maple syrup had now all been sold. Yvonne, Chris and others involved were thanked. Pierre had followed up on the Kat Kennedy situation and recommended an amount of $1,000 to help meet the considerable burden Kat’s transport to and from medical appointments is placing on the family. This was supported by the Club. There was also considerable discussion of the previous week’s request from Hetty Leitch regarding the Community Safety Net Books for $625. A club vote resulted in a tie, and further consideration of this topic was deferred to the Board for decision.  Liam’s request was approved. The Picton Club’s initiative will also receive $1,000 support. President Howard announced that next week’s meeting will be a joint one with the Campbellford Club on their Zoom link (this will be posted to members). Rotary Beach boardwalk cleanup will take place this Thursday. A meeting of the incoming President and new Board members took place after the regular meeting which closed at 8.25.
Geoffrey Telling

2021 Rotary Beach Boardwalk Cleanup

Many Thanks to all volunteers (Rotarians, Spouses, and Friends of Rotary) who showed up to tidy up the Rotary Beach Boardwalk on Thursday May 06.  Many hands made quick work as the team got down to business and shovelled the sand off the boardwalk, wheeled it onto the beach, and swept the boardwalk clean!  
Many thanks also to master carpenters Ted Nash and Tim Cox for repairing the loose boards on the boardwalk. It was not trivial since much of the underpinnings of the boards had to be dug up and repaired from the wear and tear of the weather over the years. Here are some pics from the event:


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Joint meeting with Campbellford club Enabling the Disabled.
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