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PDG Marylou Harrison
(Joint Meeting with Campbelford  & Bowmanville Club)

February 16, 2021
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President's Message

Last week I spoke to the Legion President about the Club’s members attending meetings again at the Legion. He says  things are ready to go including an improved sign-in book process that tracks the time you enter the Legion. This should prevent the pre-Christmas issue that led to Public Health’s self isolation order. I think we’ll start meeting again at the Legion on Tuesday March 2 nd plus continue with the ZOOM sessions.
A reminder that the Tuesday, February 16th meeting will be a joint session with the Campbellford Club. I sent the
meeting notice to all of you on Sunday, but I will repeat the importance of using the following ZOOM link since we’ll be signing into Campbellford’s ZOOM session:
Campbellford’s link for the meeting - password is 1928 but usually not needed:
Based on the first shift’s experiences at our Bottle Depot reopening on Saturday, February 13th, I would say the
Community’s response was a resounding success. Although it was a chilly morning, cars were already lined up before 09:00 and they continued to pull in throughout the morning. The really encouraging part was the very high
percentage of donations!

President Howard

Last Week:
Craig Foster
(County FM Emergency Plan)

Some technical issues with Zoom delayed the presentation from Craig Foster on County FM’s Emergency Plan but Yvonne used the opportunity to share the results of her investigation into a Rotary Maple Syrup fundraising initiative. This was well-received by the Club and, after positive discussion, it was decided to go forward with the idea.
President Howard congratulated Pierre on his birthday and reminded the Club that we shall be having a joint Zoom meeting with Campbellford, next week and that we are hoping to be back at the Legion on March 2nd. Craig Foster of County FM was introduced by Bill Pennell and spoke to an audience of 31.
Craig gave a detailed account of how emergency planning has come to be a key part of the volunteer-driven, community-based radio station and how County FM plays an essential role in providing accurate, timely, and locally relevant information from the more mundane to the extraordinary and potentially life-saving. The station has become very much part of the community since its inception and is recognised for its accurate news reporting but has built on this to be fundamental to the Alert Ready System as an essential community communications tool. A thorough set of protocols and procedures has been established to respond to potentially disasterous situations of every kind. Fortunately, the station had started its planning prior to Covid with the aid of a grant for the purpose so that all eventualities have been looked into and measures taken to safeguard the continuation of services in dire circumstances. This all fits in with the County’s own Emergency Evacuation Plan which will receive on-going review.
After addressing questions, Craig was thanked by Colin.
Bill up-dated the Club on the re-opening of the returns depot about which there was some discussion.
Phyo briefed the Club on the deliberations of the New Initiatives Committee regarding a project or projects to enhance the area around the Wellington Ball Park with fitness and recreation equipment and improved washroom/changing facilities. This initiated a more general discussion of these ideas.
President Howard shared that Charles had found the document confirming the Club’s naming right to the Rotary Beach in Wellington and, after birthdays and the 4 Way Test, closed the meeting at 8.34.
Geoff Telling

Rotary Maple Syrup Project 
Results of Email Votes

Here are the results of the vote for the Maple Syrup fundraiser:
  • Total votes were 29, (67% of the Club)
  • In favour – 28 votes
  • Not in favour – 1 vote
  • Abstention – 0
  • The Rotary Maple Syrup Fundraiser is approved by the Club.
Some of the comments that came in with the votes were:
  • 18 members stated they were in favour of option 3,
  • 2 members indicated they were more comfortable with a smaller bottle (500 ml or 600 ml)
  • 1 member expressed the concern that the less people to come in contact with the syrup before it is bottled, the better
  • Were other producers given an opportunity to consider the project and bid for our business?
    • The paraphrased response: No, this was not done. John Nyman was approached through a contact. For the future, similar to what was done with the wine sales (Lacey estates and this year’s Domain Darius), if this proves to be successful, we can consider rotating producers in future years. Given the time constraints, it’s not recommended we look for another maple farm for this year.
Feb 16, 2021 7:50 PM
Joint meeting with Campbellford & BomanvilleClubs
Feb 23, 2021
Mar 02, 2021 7:07 AM
Hospital updates
Mar 09, 2021 7:07 AM
Medical supplies for Lebanon
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R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
Russell Hampton
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O Lord and giver of all good
We thank thee for our day food
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Help us to serve thee all our days.
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