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Wilf Wilkenson
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January 19, 2021
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President's Message

What an incredible response to the clothing and household items requests for the Eljasem Family coming to the County. I have witnessed a garage fill with loads of things, and I know there is a lot more that has been collected and stored elsewhere. A great team effort on the part of so many, and many thanks to Barry and Margo for organizing the family’s requirements for their imminent and safe arrival.

Congratulations to member Geoff Telling who has been awarded his second Paul Harris pin (PH +1). Geoff thanks director David Smith for his idea to donate the COVID-19 relief money to the Foundation. Below is a picture of Geoff proudly wearing his new pin.

             Geoff Telling.

At the January District Presidents meeting, a number of items were covered, and one neat ZOOM technique that DG Mark Chipman used was an on-line survey where the presidents answered several questions during the call. The key is to set up the questions prior to the ZOOM session. I may take a look at this form of survey and try it on one of our calls. Some items of note from the District meeting:

  • President Elect Training begins on Weds Feb 8 and runs for 8 weeks. Trudy Brown will be on the course.

  • DG Mark reminded the presidents on how to earn the Presidential Citation by meeting 13 of the 25 objectives a Club has established for the year.

  • DG Mark surveyed to measure the interest in the April 24th Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup. Grant funding may be available, and there’s a competition between the 15 Districts bordering the Great Lakes where each District will weigh all the garbage they collect.   

  • A lot of discussion pertaining to the format of this year’s June 25 to June 27 District Conference, which must be held per the District bylaws. The District is considering options like a hybrid ZOOM session combined with local activities. On our call, there was a lot of resistance to any form of meeting including at the local level due to the current COVID safety concerns. DG Mark said the District has to plan something recognizing it may need to be cancelled due to the COVID, and these safety concerns may also cancel out the Great Lakes Cleanup initiatives. 

President Howard


Last Week:
Mark Hawkins
(An Airline Pilot's Point of View)

The Zoom meeting opened with twenty-nine attendees including potential new member, Charles Kay. Because of internet problems, our guest speaker, Linda Downey, of the Storehouse Foodbank, could not be present. She will be rescheduled. 
Barry gave the meeting some exciting news that the Syrian family which has been waiting, in a Lebanese refugee camp, to come to Canada for five years should soon be travelling here. There is an extensive list of needs that this family has and Margo is overseeing the collection and storage aspects. (President Howard sent out emails to members and Friends of Rotary with more information, subsequently).
President Howard gave an up-date on Larry’s and his partner’s situation especially regarding the taxi trips from Waupoos to the Picton hospice.
While the Returns Depot is currently closed due to Covid, there is still interest from other nearby clubs in availing themselves of the facility, including Campbellford, with whom we shall have a joint Zoom meeting on the 19th with Past International President Wilf Wilkerson present.
In order to brighten up the bulletin, members are encouraged to submit photos to Phyo. Yvonne and Dave R plan to compete in the wildlife category.
More details were given about the Syrian family of eleven with nine children between the ages of 1 1/2 and 17. The seven-year-old suffers from leukemia.
David MacKinnon gave the Club a heads-up on the current Covid-19 situation as regards worrisome modelling of what is to come but also hope that the inoculation program will also ramp up very soon. Concern was also expressed about the toll on mental health and all the ‘collateral’ damage of the pandemic. The new Quinte Health CEO had fulfilled her intention to visit all four area hospitals and is fully addressing her new challenges as well as moving to the County.
Liz Bosma had attended a meeting of the Trenton Club to hear a presentation on Lebanon Strong Canada and recommended the speaker.
President Howard mooted the question of returning to actual meetings at the Legion. Members would be given a vote.
John Inwood requested information on the current state of the Duffers & Diners coupon book. Michelle’s input will be sought when she returns.
Some members shared their Covid-19 thoughts and, others, ornithological experiences on Amherst Island.
The meeting closed at 8.00 after recognizing Parker’s significant anniversary and the Four Way Test.
Geoff Telling

Picture(s) of the Week

Last week, as a way of breaking up the monotony of the pandemic lockdown, we asked our readers to submit pictures of interesting subjects (people, places,  animals, things, etc.) they've encountered, whether it is in the County or in past travels around the world.  That spurred on a conversation when Yvonne said that she had been on Amhurst Island bird watching and spotted a short-eared owl.  So, here are pictures of various owls spotted by Yvonne Buys, Dave Robinet, Tim Cox, and Sheila Ascroft (friend of Margo)...  Let me know which one you like best, and we will give the winning photographer the bragging rights for the week!
Photo by Tim Cox.  It's a barn owl, found on Sprague Rd. Big Island, Sophiasburg Twp. 300 yards away with a 18-135mm lens , just caught him out of the corner of my eye driving by. Lucky to have my camera! 
 Photo by Yvonne Buys. Short eared owl.  Amhurst Island. Tuesday Jan 5th around 11AM. Basically right after we got off the ferry and our first left turn. It was a great birding day.      
 Photo by Dave Robinet.  Short horned Owl.  It was taken when we visited Amherst Island in earlyJanuary.
Photo by Sheila Ascroft.  Taken by a neighbour of Margo Langford, on New Years Day at the Wellington Beach.  The owl is making good use of one of the Rotary donated picnic tables! 

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