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Anniversary PotLuck Dinner
November 19, 2019
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Hello all

Just a reminder, that there is no morning meeting on Tuesday and that we will meet at Parker & Suzanne’s house for the annual Anniversary Pot Luck and dinner. 

Also, we are still looking for a president elect for the term 2020/21 year, graduating eventually to President in 2021/22.  If you’re interested let me and or Past President Phyo know and we will bring it to the Board.

This past Thursday, I attended the Presidents & Foundation Chair’s AGM in Oshawa. It was great to see the awards given out to many clubs for their annual Foundation donations.

As most of you recall, we lost Bill Patchet earlier this year.  Bill was a real go getter and supporter of the Foundation. In fact our District is one of the highest contributors to the Foundation and we owe a lot of that to Bill.

There is a campaign going on in the District called  “A Mill for Bill”. It was Bills wish that we could raise $1 million dollars in the District for the Foundation. 

Each year we raise just over 800 k which is a great contribution, but we still fall short of his goal by about Two Hundred thousand.  When you think about it, it really isn’t that much of a shortfall.

Through the campaign, the district is asking us each to give a little extra and then a little more on top of that.

Wouldn’t it be great if our district could help achieve Bill’s dream.

On closing the meeting on Thursday, they announced that there are 8 new Paul Harris Society members.  All are from the Uxbridge club. It was learned that the club president decided that he was going to have a wine tasting event at his home. The stipulation was in order for each person to attend, they had to make at least the minimum contribution to the Paul Harris Society and 8 of their members stepped up.

I would like to see some of members also become Paul Harris Society members iin the near future. 

Dave Robinet
Pictured below: Deborah Hierlihy and Maureen Corrigan of Alzheimer Society with Rotarians Barry Davidson, Lyn McGowan, Lana Whitteker and President Dave Robinet.


Last Week: Deborah Hierlihy (Alzheimer Society)

Deborah Hierlihy and Maureen Corrigan provided and update on the Alzheimer Society's (AS) recent activities with advocating for dementia friendly communities.  That is, a community that allows people with dementia to continue with their aspects of life and integrate within the society.

Dementia is in ten people over 65 and one in three people over 85 have dementia.  Although this statistic would indicate that dementia is prevalent with growing older, it is not a normal part of aging. Age is a risk factor but not everyone who is older develops dementia. Exercise, eating healthy, and not smoking can help. Women are more likely to have dementia - 65% more women with dementia than men.

While many people have experienced dealing with people with dementia, many of us do not grasp how to help them. AS is working to help people with Dementia maintain dignity and independence.  It is working with businesses and organizations to understand how to help their customers who are dealing with dementia.  Providing training in dementia friendly communities is key.  AS provides this training to municipalities, businesses, and community workers for free.  This will result in more integration of people with dementia into our society and prevent their isolation, which makes their condition worse.

AS is 40% funded by Ministry of Health Long Term Care.  The 60% not covered by MOHLTC is secured through fundraising.  The dementia friendly community program is funded fully by the Trillium Foundation.  

AS has offices in Picton, Belleville and Bancroft, and is staffed by volunteers.

In other Club Business, Lyn McGowan was inducted as new member of the  Rotary Club of Wellington.  Pictured below is new Rotarian Lyn McGowan with President Dave Robinet and sponsor Rotarian Pierre LeBrun:

Pictured below is new Rotarian Lyn McGowan with sponsor Rotarian Pierre LeBrun.


Up-coming Events 

Tuesday, November 19, Anniversary Potluck Dinner at Suzanne and Parker Gallant's House. No morning meeting on that day. 

Tuesday, December 17, Christmas Dinner at the Legion. No morning meeting on that day.


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