Edition: March 14, 2023

Chartered November 22, 2002
Rotarian of the Year:
Bill Mitchell

Club Bulletin for week of March 14, 2023
This Week:  

Meloni Crandall
(Prince Edward Fitness Activity Centre)
                  President's Message   
While spring is just around the corner we still have lots of snow left on the ground.    The local children and visiting grandchildren will be able to enjoy the outdoors with cross country skiing and toboggan hills.   A few inches of the white stuff is expected to fall during the school spring break.   Luanne and I are excited to have 3 grandkids staying with us this week.
District 7070 held its Presidents meeting last Monday evening.  It is hard to believe but our Rotary year has only has a little over three months remaining.   The President Elects (Including our PE Lyn McGowan) will be attending the Rotary District Assembly on the 6th of May to approve upcoming budget and priorities for the District in the 23/24 Rotary year. 
Included in this meeting was the announcement of the Rotary's Great Lakes Watershed Clean-up Day to take place on Saturday April 22nd.  Our club will participate in this event with our Annual Beach Clean-up Day.  Mark your schedules, this will be a great day of hard work, cleaning and sprucing up the Wellington Rotary Beach as well as a BQ lunch for the volunteers.    Hopefully like we have in the past our Friends of  Rotary will be invited to attend and be recognized for their work in support of our Club.  
Reminders were also issued by the District requesting applications for the Annual Rotary Awards of Excellence.    Our Club will be making submissions for the External Public Relations Award and the Environmental Action Award.    
The Anniversary Celebration Insert posted in the Times (Thanks Christine) is an excellent example of spreading the word about Rotary in the community.   Our work at the bottle depot is a great example of Environmental Action.  This year our club will return 700,000 glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and tetra paks to the Beer Store.  This helps to contribute to hundreds of tons of containers that has been diverted from the landfill site by our club during the last 20 years.
This week will see the kickoff of our Community Fundraising Campaign in support of the relatives of our local Syrian Families who were victims of the Earthquake in Turkey/Syria.
Our members and the public are being asked to support this disaster relief effort.   The Rotary Club of Wellington is showing leadership in this emergency humanitarian effort with a a donation of $3000. 
Tax receipts will be issued for donations made to the Charitable Foundation, Rotary Club of Wellington for donations of $20 or more.
Ken Robertson
Wellington Rotary Club President

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Last Week:  Jean Claude Mbazumutima (Burundi Water Project)

Notes by Barry Davidson


24 members today were present in person and 3 by Zoom.

President Ken acknowledged the women in our Club and the benefits they brought to the Club and to our community and the world. He recognized International Women’s Day tomorrow. Michelle said that it was too bad that there had to be a special recognition (ie. that it was not already a norm that women are significant).

Jean Claude from the Rotary Club of Markham Sunrise made a presentation of the Burundi Water Project that he is leading for his Club in his former village, Gakomero, Burundi. He has formed the African Hope Service (AHS) to be the organization on the ground since there are no Rotary clubs in Burundi. The most critical needs are water, sanitation and hygiene. The lack of running water in his former schoolyard means the children carry pails of water each day for 1-2 km on their way to school. As well as serving the 1600 who attend the Masango school, the water project would help 3400 who attend the local church and the businesses. The bathrooms at school are primitive - 5 pit latrines or the bush.

The water project that the AHS is planning is 2.9 km of pipeline, gravity fed from a spring in the hills that would provide water all year, benefiting 9,856 households. The total cost would be $74,000 Can of which the first phase to bring the water to the centre of town is $61,140. To date, $30,000 has been raised with a target of $60,000 by June or July. No one has been hired yet. Ken advised Jean to submit a request for financial assistance for consideration by our Board.

From the District President’s Meeting yesterday, Ken reported:

  • April 22 is the Great Lakes Watershed Day and that will be our Rotary Beach cleanup day.
  • May 6 is the District Assembly when the Clubs vote on the upcoming budget. The President-Elect is to attend.
  • September 24 is the Foundation Walk.
  • There are numerous District awards, some of which our Club might be eligible to receive:
  • External Publication - Ken asked Christine to prepare a submission of our 20th Anniversary newspaper coverage with a covering letter.
  • Environmental - Ken asked Mike to prepare a submission describing our Bottle Depot performance in helping the environment.

Shawn reported that part of the funds that we gave Lori Gallant for her overseas work was used to buy the Tanzanian village a water pump that is used to fill water containers on the back of a pickup truck so the villagers do not have to carry the water manually.

Ken advised that the ad for the Syrian earthquake assistance campaign will be considered by the Foundation Board in a meeting after the members’ meeting. All members are invited to the support party at the Wellington-on-the-Lake hall on Friday, March 10 at 6 pm. Food will be provided at no cost.

David McKinnon gave an update on the Wellness Committee project for nurse practitioners:

  • A meeting with Corey and the mayor convinced the mayor that our project was complimentary, not competing with the County’s attempt to hire more doctors.
  • The decision by the local mayors to inject $900,000 to hire more staff for the Belleville nurse practitioner clinic is independent of our project to start a satellite clinic of Belleville.
  • David has reviewed the latest draft of the presentation to be made to the Minister of Health.
  • On March 28, our Committee will make a formal deputation of our plan to County Council.

Lana repeated the invitation for all members to support the Curlathon in Picton to support Back the Build.

Today, Barry’s number was drawn for the 50:50 but he did not draw the ace of spades.


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Bottle Depot Volunteers Schedule for This Week


Wednesday March 15, 2023

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.:  Ted Nash, Jacques Michaud, need 1 sorter

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: Michelle Kosoy, Lari Langford (FoR),  need 1 sorter


Saturday March 18, 2023

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.: David MacKinnon, William Mulholland, need 1 sorter

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: Trudy Brown, Phyo Kyi, Doug&Brenda Little (FoR)

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Past Rotarian Dick MacArthur Memorialized in Rotary Memorial Gardens.
Thank-you for your Service Above Self, Dick.  May you Rest In Peace.

Photos from Wellington Rotarians' visit to Adopt a Village in Laos Project

As part of their touring in Laos & Cambodia, Past Presidents Trudy, Phyo, Mike, along with Mike's wife Liz visited the "Adopt a Village in Laos" Project, which is run by Rotarian Steve Rutlege of Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise.  Below are some pictures from the journey:
Many water filters were distributed in three different villages near Nong Khiaw, Laos.  Above, Trudy and Liz Lattner look on to the filters that have been lined up for distribution to the various households in one of the village.
Above Left, Phyo & Mike help with unpacking each of the water filters.
Above Right, Mike helps Steve Rutledge present a water filter to each of the households in the village.
Rotary Club of Wellington donated 2 water filters and Trudy/Phyo/Mike & Liz donated an additional filter.
Above Left, is one of the filters, and Above Right we pose with one of the families that received the filter.
Laos has a beautiful country side, and their towns are quite quaint.  We did find time to explore a little!
Mar 14, 2023
Prince Edward Fitness Activity Centre (PEFAC)
Mar 21, 2023
PE and L&A Social Services
Mar 28, 2023
View entire list

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Birthdays & Anniversaries

 Member Birthdays

 Member Anniversaries

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Rotary Grace

O Lord and giver of all good
We thank thee for our day food
May Rotary friends and Rotary ways
Help us to serve thee all our days.


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Four Way Test

       Of the things we think, say, and do:
        1.  Is it the TRUTH?
        2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
        3.  Will it build GOODWILL and better
        4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all 

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Rotary Song

R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
R-O-T-A-R-Y, is known on land and sea.
From north to south, and east to west,
They profit most who serve the best,
R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
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