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Rotarian of theYear-Barry Davidson
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Today: Katy David, Hope Air
December 10, 2019
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President's Message

I have just recently started to put updates onto our Rotary FB page and I have noticed that there are several people that have reacted to the messages. It seems the reach of the page is expanding.
Most of you have seen my recent post on our FB page, announcing our holiday hours.
I thought it was also a great opportunity to put in a few tips on the way that people could help us to be a little more efficient and to make it easier and faster for those coming in as well.
If you have a photo that you think would help to get out message out to the community, about our club and our community involvement, please send it directly to my email address:  I will see about putting on our FB page along with a message that you include about the image.
With the recent snow falls that we have had, we need to take extra care of ourselves and those around us. There are often bits of ice that can cause you to slip. Here is a little something to keep in mind to help you not to slip (see below).  Make sure that your shoulders are directly over top of your feet when you step forward. This will help to prevent slips and falls in the icy conditions.
Dave Robinet

Last Week: Club Business

New Rotarian Lyn McGowan provided her classification speech.  Lyn was born in Texas and moved to Canada when she was twelve years old.  She met Past President Brian McGowan on her first day on the school bus (and the rest was history).  Lyn has enjoyed a successful career in the banking sector.  She worked for only two banks, but has had over 20 different roles in her career.  Prior to retirement, Lyn traveled extensively with her job specializing in international commercial risk management.  Her favourite destination was London.  Her most recent achievement was that she led a team to represent her bank in the formulation of the Basel Accord, which governs the protocols around international lending practices.  Lyn and Brian settled in the County upon their retirement, about 10 years ago. Lyn and her son Adam have resolved to continue the legacy that Brian had started, by continuing the vineyard, the chickens, the vegetable gardens, etc. on their acreage farm on Huyck's point.  The reason why Lyn decided to join our Club was that the Rotary has been as good as family, and she would like to remain as part of the Rotary family.  We are indeed privileged to have Lyn join our club.

Lana Whitteker provided a post event update on the Breakfast with the Dukes. Many thanks to all the Rotarians who volunteered. The event was very well received. There were over 40 families in attendance. The event was a fundraiser as well as a fun raiser for the Children's foundation.

President Dave mentioned that John Inwood and Barry Davidson provided presentations at the Council Committee of the Whole meeting on Nov 28, regarding the needed maintenance and upkeep to the Wellington Rotary Beach. Council has instructed Staff to formulate a plan to address the much needed improvements at the Beach by end of February.

David Smith provided a post event update on the $100 donation by David Hepburn of Many Happy Returns for the Rotary's hospital fund.  There was a photo op at the bottle depot last week.

David McKinnon provided an update on the Ontario provincial government's recognition that the QHC is a composite of 4 different hospitals in different locations, rather than one single rural hospital.  This will make a difference in the funding formula, and is good news for prospects of a new hospital in Picton.  David mentioned that our MPPs from Hastings and Prince Edward Counties (Todd Smith & Darrell Kram) have represented us well.

We wished Barry Davidson a happy 79th birthday, and Bill Mitchell and Dot a happy 35th Anniversary.

Presentation to PEC Committee of the Whole (November 28, 2019)
by John Inwood
My name is John Inwood.  I am representing The Rotary Club of Wellington. I want to make you aware of the vested interest of our club. In 2005 our club committed to an ambitious project to improve the facilities of the beach at Wellington. This was in support of the Centennial of Rotary International and was seen as service to our community. This project was estimated at $300,000 and included board walk with benches, a second sun shelter, interpretive signs, washrooms, electric outlets for boat docks. Lookout with bench, picnic tables. This was completed in 2009 and in agreement with the County the name Rotary Beach was adopted.
While we provided the infrastructure the County was to maintain the area. Our club has each spring held a work party to shovel sand off the board walk and do a sweep of the beach for debris. This past year a large number of our members aided in major clean up from high water debris and we have repaired several places in the boardwalk. Because it is called Rotary Beach the care and cleanliness reflects on our Club and our reputation and we do seem to be the first to hear of complaints. We have become the victims of our own success, the beach and boat launch facility have become ever more popular year by year.
As evident last year,   the use of Rotary Beach requires dedicated staff and supervision… especially on weekends. Scabbed together signs were thrown in place to inform of road closure due to over crowding…. this is not acceptable. We call on Council to ensure that
funds and direction are committed for a: 
Harbour Master to manage and enforce Boat Launch fees and docking fees and collect the appropriate revenue
Dedicate staff to manage parking and day use at the beach and decide on road closure
Dedicate staff to maintain a clean beach
We also ask that our Rotary Club of Wellington be consulted for input on all changes and improvements, As an example, one of our members provided this past summer, PErCy, the pelican for beach goers to place recyclable single use plastics. We have ideas, volunteer hours and potentially some funding to go forward.  We do want work with you for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors.


Up-coming Events  

Tuesday, December 17, Christmas Dinner at the Legion. No morning meeting on that day. Please bring your money, $27 per person, to Pierre LeBrun by December 10.


Dec 10, 2019
Hope Air
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R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
Russell Hampton
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