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April 21, 2020
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President's Message

What did your week bring?
It seems the days run into another. Although every day is different, it is what we make of them and how we choose to use our time.
I find having a routine is making a difference, at least for me. Even though we are restricted as to what we can do and where we can go, we still need structure in our lives.
This may be easier said than done. 
For the health of your mind and body it is important to set some goals and follow through on them. For me, it is getting back into an exercise mode and routine during the day. I have to push myself sometimes to get down to the basement to get my exercise done, but once I get down there it makes me feel better that I am back to my old routine again.
I am sure that most of us are missing our kids and grand kids because we can’t touch them or hug them as we did in the past. It is still important to pick up the phone and call or at least send text messages to keep in touch each and every day.
For those of you that have your kids living in your home, I am sure it brings some of its own challenges that didn’t exist prior to the restrictions put upon us. But what has it done for your family structure?
For some it could be more challenges with having them stay in, keeping them busy with games or home schooling.
For others it might have actually helped to build stronger family ties, relationships, bonds and getting back to having meals together.
Whatever your challenges are you are not alone.  Take some time for yourself everyday to do something that motivates you, or get out and go for a walk while keeping for distance.
You have Friends in Rotary that you can reach out to if you need to talk, need help getting groceries or getting to an appointment. Remember, Rotary Connects the World and we want to help each other whenever and where ever we can.
I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. It looks like there will be restrictions on our movements for some time to come.
President Dave Robinet


Last Week: Robin Baranyai
PEC Syria Education Fund

Meeting (via Zoom video conference)  called to order by President Dave Robinet at 7:07 a.m.  23 Rotarians plus Robin Baranyai as guest speaker present and accounted for.
Robin provided an update on the events, successes and milestones achieved by the PECSyria organization, which sponsored multiple refugee families from the Syrian conflict.
The first family came in October 2015.  Abdul Malek & Sawsen and their 11 children were displaced for 4 years in Lebanon before being sponsored by PECSyria to emigrate to Canada.  The role of PECSyria ended up being far more beyond providing housing. It required community connections for orientation and resettlement, driving, healthcare, education, and teaching them English.  The kids were very excited to be able to go to school, something that they missed during their time in Lebanon.
Subsequently, PECSyria agreed to settle 4 other families who are relatives of Abdul Malek and Sawsen. In February 2016, Adnan & Suhaila & 4 kids (brother of Sawsen) arrived. In early 2017, another brother, Nasr and wife Nabila and 6 kids arrived.  Additionally, Sawsen's sister and family arrived later the next year.  They have been working hard and studying towards obtaining Canadian citizenship.  So far, some of them have received their citizenship.   PECSyria is still awaiting another family, brother of Abdul Malek, whom Barry Davidson is sponsoring.  There have also been several additional families arriving since.  The latest one is Menir, who arrived in December 2019.  He fled Syria in 2012 and spent the last 7+ years as a refugee. He is a medical student and has plans to continue his studies.
Rural re-setttlement has some benefits, such as a tighter community support, but it also has some additional challenges, such as transportation and post secondary education.
In all there will be about 50 children sponsored thru PECSyria.  To support the post-secondary education for these future Canadians, PECSyria has set up a PECSyria Education Fund. The County Foundation is administering the Education Fund.  Rotarians may help by volunteering with re-settlement activities, or donate to the education fund.


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