Chartered November 22, 2002
Rotarian of theYear-Barry Davidson
Club Bulletin
Today: Robert Morrow, The Tomatosphere Project
September 17, 2019
Club #60346
District 7070

President's  Message

Our friends of Rotary are growing and that is having a direct impact on the functions and stress placed on the members of the club for the bottle depot. I would like to put a challenge out to all of our members. Over the next month and through to the end of October, I would ask that each member find a friend, a neighbor or family member to sign up as a Friend of Rotary. If we can each bring get one person to sign up, it would benefit our club greatly.  Who knows, a few of those friends may even want to join the club when they see what a great membership that we have.
I have personally reached out to a number of my neighbours, and they have signed up.
Following our meeting on the 10th of Sept. we got a nice surprise.  One of the Water Week members dropped by and gave us an envelope with $1650.00 cash as proceeds from the events.
I received an email from Steve Rutledge, from the Whitby Sunrise Club. He asked me to pass along his greatest thanks to our club for the continued support and donation to his Laos Project. Our donation will help him purchase water filters for two projects that he has on the go.



Last Week: Cheryl Anderson - Past President, Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory 

There is a bird observatory on Prince Edward Point because it is an ideal location for a Migration Monitoring Station. Large numbers of migratory birds land and rest in the area because it’s location is the shortest distance across eastern Lake Ontario from landfall on the U.S. side of the shore.

The facility conducts regular population surveys of migratory birds and waterfowl counts. Birds are netted, counted, banded, examined for age, health and size and then released again. With the exception of a trained professional bird bander, all of the work is done by volunteers. In addition to this core activity, the observatory works in 3 other areas.

Annually, it publishes a booklet called Nature Matters which identifies important dates and activities for the upcoming year at the observatory. The booklet contains informative maps and brief information items and high quality photography.

The observatory also has an educational program delivery dimension as well. The facility provides a program called NatureHood, a national curriculum administered and developed by Nature Canada.

Finally, the observatory hosts or sponsors a range of related events and activities. These include such events as guided walking tours, photography workshops, fossil hunts and naturalist painting classes.

The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory is a registered charity, and needs to generate funding for all of its work.


Up-coming Events 

Saturday, October 19, Wellington Pumpkinfest. Join the parade team or volunteer for the weigh-in crew. Fun for everyone!

Friday, October 25, to Sunday, October 27, District 7070 Conference Muskoka Style. Visit for more details. 

Sunday, October 6th, The County Marathon

Prince Edward County Marathon Volunteer List - October 6, 2019
Duty Volunteer(s)
Belleville Rd. @ First Ave. - 7:30 AM Kevin Hanbury (FOR)
Belleville Rd. @ Niles St. - 7:30 AM Gary Dyke (HM)
Niles St. @ Westwind Cres. (East) - 7:30 AM Mike Lattner
Niles St. @ Westwind Cres. (West) - 7:30 AM Liz Lattner
Niles St. @ Maple St. - 7:30 AM Pierre LeBrun
Niles St. @ Lakebreeze Ct. - 7:30 AM Sharon Campbell
Niles St. just west of Wharf St. - 7:30 AM John Inwood
Main St. @ Consecon St. (detour) - 7:30 AM Collin Fredericks
Main St. just west of Wharf St.  - 7:30 AM Tim Cox
East St. south of Main St. - 7:30 AM John Weins
Maple St. north of Main St. - 7:30 AM Dawn Cutler
Beach St. south of Main St. - 7:30 AM Alex Lacher
Belleville Rd. north of Main St. - 7:30 AM Ted Nash
Belleville Rd. south of Main St. - 7:30 AM Donna Nash


Sep 17, 2019
The Tomatosphere Project
Sep 24, 2019
Oct 01, 2019
CEO Prince Edward County Public Library
Oct 08, 2019
"I Can Foundation - Transitional Homes Project" in St. Maarten
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Birthdays & Anniversaries

Member Birthdays
Liz Bosma Donovan, Sept. 16
Brian McGowan, Sept. 23
Dawn & Bob Cutler, Sept. 17
Lana & Brad Whitteker, Sept. 17
Liz & Mike Lattner, Sept. 19
Susan & Geoff Telling, Sept. 20, 50 Years!!
Rotary Song Lyrics:
R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
R-O-T-A-R-Y, is one big family
From north to south,
and east to west,
He profits most who serves the best,
R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Rotary Grace
O Lord and giver of all good
We thank thee for our day food
May Rotary friends and Rotary ways
Help us to serve thee all our days.
Four Way Test
Of the things we think, say, and do:
1.  Is it the TRUTH?
2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3.  Will it build GOODWILL and better
4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Bottle Depot Duty Schedule for the Next 4 Weeks

9 - 11
11 - 1
Monday, September 16
Tim Cox
Kim Lee
Wednesday, September 18
Michele Kosoy
Keith Norris
David Smith
Barry Davidson
John Inwood
Parker Gallant
Saturday, September 21
Paul Denault
Glen Bailey
Bill Mitchell
Alex Lacher
Monday, September 23
Kim Lee
Wednesday, September 25
Kevin Hanbury
Reg Lapierre
Alex Lacher
Brian McGowan
Trudy Brown
Phyo Kyi
Saturday, September 28
Lana Whitteker
Dave Robinet
Bill Mitchell
Phyo Kyi
Liz Bosma
Monday, September 30
Tim Cox
Kim Lee
Wednesday, October 2
John Inwood
Mike Lattner
Barry Davidson
Alex Lacher
Parker Gallant
Saturday, October 5
Dave Robinet
Bill Mitchell
Dawn Cutler
Alex Lacher
Monday, October 7
Tim Cox
Kim Lee
Wednesday, October 9
John Inwood
Brian McGowan
Colin Fredericks
Dave Robinet
Alastair Mathers
Saturday, October 12
David MacKinnon
Howard Ziedenberg
Pierre LeBrun