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April 14, 2020
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President's Message

Happy Easter to Everyone.
I know for most of us, we are spending Easter with our one and only.  Some are fortunate to have their kids at home with them and are able to celebrate Easter together.
We are doing something a little different with our grand kids this Easter Sunday.  For our granddaughter in Port Perry, we are contacting with our Ex-daughter-in-law and going to arrange to have dinner via Zoom together.  We are doing our part in social distancing.  For the other grand kids it will be a Face Time thing.
The other day, I ran into a friend at the grocery store and things got onto the topic of Easter dinner.  What a great idea she had.  She was in the process of buying a roast, potatoes, and all the veggies that she was going to drop off at each of her sons' individual homes.  The plan was that each family cook the same meal and have a Zoom dinner together.  Now that is called thinking ahead.  Keeping family close but still enabling social distancing at the same time.  I wish that I had thought of that ahead of time.
One thing that we are doing this Easter though is sharing with our neighbors.  Mary loves to bake and has made Monster cookies and homemade cup cakes that she is delivering to 9 of our neighbors.  She delivers them to the door, rings the door bell and stands back at the road until the person answers.  That way she gets out for a little walk and can talk to the neighbors from a distance. We have to look after each other and this is just a little thank you and a Happy Easter to them from her.
On a side note: I received an email advising that the speed limit has been changed to a 60 km zone in the area of Consecon. This speed zone goes from County rd. # 1 right through to the point where the Mellenium trail crosses 33 at the west end of town.  I have heard of one person being pulled over for doing  86 in a 60 zone. This lady was let go with a caution.  So just beware of the new speed zone if you’re going that way.

Just a reminder:  We are going back to our regular meeting time of 7:07 am, with our Zoom meeting on Tuesday.
Enjoy your Easter.

President Dave Robinet


Last Week: Linda Downey
Wellington Storehouse Food-bank

Meeting called to order by President Dave Robinet at 8:00 a.m.  24 Rotarians plus Linda Downey as guest speaker present and accounted for.
Linda provided an update on the activities at the Storehouse Food-bank during this lockdown period.  There are currently 124 households being served by the Wellington food-bank.  Three weeks ago, there was panic mode as people tried to figure out their food supplies during the lockdown.  It is more normal now. Dot has called all the users of the food-bank.  
Supplies were delivered to all seniors, shut-ins, and people who could not come to the food-bank due to an illness.  A new process is now in place for Wednesday Pickups.  People drive up to the church and a food box is placed in their car.  There are currently no problems with availability of volunteers to help.  For example, Lavender Farms have provided complimentary hand soap and provided soap and sanitizers to the Legion Manor.  Local business like Home Hardware and Foodland are taking in food donation drop offs.  
There are still some problems with purchasing large quantities of food.  The food-bank has made various connections for dry food, veggies, meat, and boxes.
The County Foundation has donated $2500 each to the Wellington and Picton Food-banks.  More funds may be available for food insecurity from the County or Federal government, by application process.  
For now,  the Wellington food-bank is OK for cash.  Linda will let us know when she needs any cash donations.  One thing each Rotarian can do is buy some extra groceries when each of us go groceries shopping.  Items such as spaghetti sauce, canned veggies, canned tomatoes, cereal, and soup would be appreciated.  Food donations can be left at Home Hardware, Foodland, Rockin' Rogers, or the LCBO.
Tim Cox will reach out to Linda to see how he can help with the electrical (wiring) needs at the Food-bank
On other topics:
1.  President Dave Robinet will send out an email asking each active Rotarian their preference for the meeting time: 7:07 a.m. or 8:00 a.m.
2.  Barry Davidson wins the award for most enviable background in the video conference.  It was a beach scene with palm trees swaying in the wind.
3. We will continue with Zoom for our weekly meetings for the time being.  But we will password protect the meeting.  We will be sending out the Meeting ID and the password to access the meeting in two separate emails on Monday before the meeting on Tuesday. All  efforts have been taken to prevent any mishaps such as ZoomBombing.
4. Board members stayed behind after the general meeting to discuss some donation requests for emergency relief from the COVID pandemic.   


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