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January 05, 2021
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President's Message

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021!      

I’m sure we can all say thank goodness 2020 is over. For the members that were attending Club meetings at the Legion, and had been contacted by Public Health, it was a difficult time leading up to the Christmas celebrations which were already muted by COVID restrictions. However, the last-minute reprieve from self-isolation was welcomed news and a relief. For the time-being, we’re back to meeting by ZOOM since attending at the Legion is on hold until further notice.

The Bottle Return Depot is closed until at least January 23rd, but we did finish out the year with a generous $100 donation from Lanny Huff who showed up at Bottles on Sat Dec 19 and topped up his donated bottles with a crisp C-note. Many thanks to Lanny for his generosity and support.

We’ll need a replacement for Trudy Brown on the New Initiatives committee since Trudy will be fully occupied preparing for her upcoming presidency while also training Yvonne Buys, our next Treasurer. We learned from Lisa Lindsay’s December 15th presentation that there’s great opportunity to partner with the County on our next major project, therefore we need to move forward with the New Initiatives planning.

A reminder to send me your suggestions on how our Club can participate in the Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup on April 24, 2021. To date, I have received a couple of suggestions.

In closing, I would like to congratulate Linda Donville on her appointment to the 2021-2022 Wellington Rotary Board.  Linda had expressed an interest in replacing David Smith as Director - International Service & Foundation and she was approved by a Board vote on December 20, 2020. Our coming year’s Board is now as follows:


July 1, 2021- June 30, 2022 


Trudy Brown

President Elect

Ken Robertson

Past President

Howard Ziedenberg

Director - International Service & Foundation

Linda Donville

Director – Communications & Literacy

Margo Langford

Director - Membership

Parker Gallant

Director – Policy & Procedures

John Inwood


Yvonne Buys


Lyn McGowan

President Howard


Last Week:
Lisa Lindsay
(PE County Update)

President Howard called the meeting to order over the hubbub caused by comestibles from Enid Grace, mentioning the guest speaker, Lisa Lindsay, two other guests, Charles Kay and Birgit Wartenberg. With a reminder that new member Nyden K would be inducted and an up-date on Larry who is now in Picton hospice, he also informed the Club on PP Dave R’s surgery and his admiration and appreciation for Quinte health providers.
John Inwood then introduced the guest speaker, his daughter, Lisa Lindsay, who grew up in the County and, following a varied career, is now Director of Recreation and Community Facilities for our local authority.
Lisa promised to apprise the meeting of changes taking place and expressed her excitement to work with the new CAO, Marcia Wallace. She explained many of the changes to her own role and that of her department which emphasized greater connection between community centres and the provision of health programs, for one. She made reference to the impact of Covid 19 on many aspects of her work including initiation of on-line booking systems for recreational use of facilities and the various activities that could, or could not, continue at this time. She referenced playground installations and the Heritage Plan for Picton and the Crystal Palace. Revitalization plans were also alluded to for Wellington though lighting and electric outlets in the Park had already been installed thanks to a grant that obviated any cost to local taxpayers. Bloomfield town hall basement had also been waterproofed with a similar grant. Lisa has the knowledge and contacts to work in close co-operation with community committees such as Business and Recreation. Reference was made to hockey/shinny opportunities this winter, during Covid. Answering questions, Lisa expressed her concerns and hopes for the Wellington Ball Diamond locale and facilities. She thanked the Club for its involvement with the much-used Rotary Room at the Lehigh Centre and reminded us that naming rights need to be re-purchased in the near future. The Centre badly needs an improved outdoor sign which will cost approximately, $25,000. Lisa was thanked by Lyn.
Liz B then introduced Birgit Wartenberg, Chair of the Indigenous Peoples’ Partnership Committee which had recently been formed, initially by local Rotary clubs (and subsequently with more-distant ones). Liz gave the Club a detailed account of how money donated to this Committee had been spent, so far. Birgit followed on with a heart-warming anecdote of how an isolated northern community (Uminamik?) had received a firetruck, to replace a defunct one, as a result of the Committee’s, the Trenton Club’s and Firefighters Without Borders’ combined efforts.
Nyden Kovatchev, sponsored by Dave R, was inducted into the Club by President Howard.
Another potential new member, Charles Kay, also sponsored by Dave R, was introduced by President Howard.
Reference was made to fundraising for Back the Build which had achieved another milestone reflected by the Club’s ‘thermometer’.
Margo reported on how the Club’s donation to the PECLF had been spent on Chromebooks for students.
Bottle Bill gave a positive report on his needs for volunteers.
President Howard closed the meeting at 8.35 after thanking Enid Grace.
Geoff Telling
We're Getting Closer to Our Target $400Thousand for the New Hospital

Pictured here is Treasurer Trudy Brown at the Bottle Depot with her red paint to update our progress on the thermometer for the fundraiser target for the New Hospital.  It looks like we are past the $300Thousand mark!

Jan 05, 2021 7:07 AM
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Jan 12, 2021 7:07 AM
Community Food Bank
Jan 19, 2021 7:07 AM
Joint Zoom meeting with Campbellford Club
Feb 02, 2021 7:07 AM
Hospice Prince Edward County
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