Chartered November 22, 2002
Rotarian of theYear-Barry Davidson
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Today:   Birgit Wartenberg
Indigenous Peoples Partnership Committee
March 3, 2020
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District 7070

President's Message

One of the things that I am very aware of is the health and safety of my family and all of our Rotary members.
As you know, I have been in warmer climates for the past two weeks or so. While travelling, we noticed several people taking precautions to protect themselves against the ever spreading Corona Virus.
It was interesting to see who was wearing masks and where.
While sitting at the terminal in Toronto waiting to board our flight, there were several people wearing face masks, covering their nose and mouth. I found it interesting that most of the people wearing these masks were Asians. I am not saying Asians in order to target them, but it was interesting to see that likely 90% or higher, of the people that wore the masks seemed to be in fact Asians. Not only did I see them around the airports, but also shopping malls and restaurants and just about anywhere I went wearing masks. And it was only a small percentage of people that were actually wearing them. I have heard that wearing a mask doesn’t necessarily prevent you from getting the virus, but by wearing one, it does or can actually help the spreading of the
I have included a link that you can copy and paste into your browser that talks about the virus and how it affects the body. I found it very interesting on how the virus actually works and some things that we can do to help prevent us from
contracting it.
In a very quick overview, it is important to wash our hands very regularly and to avoid touching your eyes and mouth before washing your hands. If you're around someone that coughs or sneezes in your presence or close proximity, to not touch
areas that their germs might have fallen upon. Wash your hands immediately.
The link is listed here below. Please take five minutes to watch it. It will help to explain about viruses in general and in particular the Corona Virus.

On a side note: Bill Gates has announced that he will again be matching Rotary
funds 2 to 1 through to 2023. The Bill & Melina Gates Foundation has contributed
millions and millions of dollars to Rotary International.
Dave Robinet, President

Last Week: Club Forum

  There were 19 members present, which allowed the  
  Club Forum to proceed with Quorum.   The following
 were discussed or resolved:
  • The treasurer's report was presented, and motion to receive the treasurer's report for January 2020 was approved.  Treasurer Trudy also reported that donations for EREY and Polio plus did not get to the Rotary Canada Foundation before Dec 31 but have been made this month, therefore we will not be receiving tax receipts for 2019 tax year but will receive it for the 2020 tax year.  However, tax receipts from the Wellington Rotary Foundation have been issued, and were passed out to those that were in attendance at the meeting.  For members that were not in attendance, it will be mailed out.
  • Fundraising:  Colin provided a brief update on the planning for Golf Day on June 17 or 18.   Past President Phyo indicated that the date for Rotary Fundraiser dinner has been set for July 25.
  • Public Relations:  Karen provided an update that thank-you ad will be published in the Times for the Family Day donors and volunteers.  Karen will also be presenting information about the Rotary to a Newcomers club meeting on March 26 at the Picton library.
  • Past President Phyo provided an update on planning for the Past President's dinner, tentatively scheduled for June 2, 9, or 23rd. in order to work around the golf day event.
  • RYLA nominations:  Secretary Howard provided details about call for RYLA candidates.  An email will be sent out to all members.  Karen will also post on FB.
  • Policy update considerations in progress on Honorary members and Friends of Rotary - do we need term limits or at least to check in with them each year to make sure they remain engaged?
  • New Member:  Ken Robertson.  motion to consider Ken as new member was approved.  Consideration starting March 3 with approval on March 10 if no objections.
  • Motions & Resolutions:
    -  Motion to approve donation of $1,000 to PEC Skate Club.  moved by Mike L., Seconded Parker G., unanimously approved.
    -  Board approved funding $500 to PEC Learning Centre's Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, to help support providing free income tax filing and instructions for low income people.
    -  Funding applications declined for South Shore Joint Initiative ($1,000 for restoration support for Hudgin House), but approved letter of support for conservation reserves for south shore.
    - Funding application from Camp Kennebec (from near Sharbot Lake) declined.
  • Past President Phyo passed around an order form for papaganoush & mamahummus hummus and garlic spread to help Wellington resident Adnan Mustafa raise funds for refugee relief for his relatives in Syria.


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Indigenous People Partnership Committee
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Mar 24, 2020
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R-O-T-A-R-Y, is known on land and sea.
From north to south, and east to west,
They profit most who serve the best,
R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
Russell Hampton
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