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April 28, 2020
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What will the future bring?
I know at this point we have all had just about enough info about the Covid crisis.
Well, let’s think about that for a minute or so!!
We are into I think week 5 or 6 of the restrictions that have been put upon us. Stay in, keep your distance, don’t hug anyone, don’t touch your face. Don’t do this or don’t do that!!!
For the most part, people are listening. 
We are thankful that we live in Canada as opposed to the US, or other Countries, but what does it all mean for the future?
We are learning as we go and it is just my opinion, but some of the ways just might just be around for a long time.
Look at how our Rotary meetings have changed. We sit in the luxury of our homes or offices and have our meetings with a few restrictions, but you got to admit it is pretty darn good. You can see everyone’s face and with a little organization, most everyone gets to put their two cents in if they need and want to.
Meeting with friends and family has changed too. I find we are using Face Time much more to chat with the kids and grand kids. Heck even today, we went to a drive by baby shower in Bewdley. 
What is a drive by baby shower? 
Today’s date had been set for a baby shower for a niece of ours and it had been set for this date long before the social distancing thing came about.
Because we are trying to abide by the restrictions put upon us, we drove up to our nieces place. The plan was to honk our horn when we got to the house and drive up and leave a gift on the table that was set by the garage.  
The two parents to be came out to the garage once we were back in our vehicle and we had a nice visit from a distance while we sat in the truck.
Conversation got onto birthing classes and what is going to happen when she goes to the hospital in Peterborough in a week or so.
So far she has done whatever birthing classes on line and has been told that the nurses will be fully gowned head to toe, so she won’t even be able to see their entire face. 
It was also learned that the nurses are actually enjoying this new process as their entire focus is on the new mom and baby as there are no visitors and it is much more peaceful for everyone.
Do you see a trend starting here?
When the restrictions are lifted I can see some of the things, or at least modified versions of what we are doing now continuing on.
This is where our communication skills will be more important than ever.
Now is also a good time to be thinking of what other ways we can adapt. Isn’t that what we do in rotary anyway? 
As Rotarians we are innovative and find ways to get things done.
President Dave Robinet


Last Week: Treat Hull
PEC Affordable Housing

Meeting (via Zoom video conference)  called to order by President Dave Robinet at 7:07 a.m.  25 Rotarians plus Treat Hull as guest speaker present and accounted for.
Treat is the Chair of the PEC Affordable Housing Corporation.  It is an organization spun off from the County to focus on encouraging or increasing affordable housing in the County.  Treat and other members of the Board are volunteers and they work very hard to keep the progress going.  However, a full time Executive Director is needed, and is being hired, to achieve their objectives at pace.
It is well known that availability of affordable accomadation in the County is scarce.  Rental vacancy rate is 0.8% (2018), and it impacts employees, seniors and many young people who are just starting out.
Affordable housing is defined in multiple ways.  The federal definition is that it is less than 30% of gross average household income spent on housing.  The Ontario government's definition is that it is  80% or less of market rent.
The focus of affordable housing is on increasing the supply of 1 bedroom  rental units for employees and seniors, multi-residential buildings are most cost effective, and it is best to integrate affordable and market rate rentals in one community.
Priorities on which the Corp is focusing is to develop the land surrounding the old Wellington arena.  The County will sell the land to the affordable housing corp for $2, and an RFP will be issued to developers with whom it will partner,  to build affordable housing units.  Another location is in a 1/3 acre parcel of land behind the Picton fairgrounds for a multi-flex (4 or 5-plex) infill development.
Treat agreed with Karen Selick's point that the Ontario Rent Control laws discourage many small/individual renters to enter into the rental accommodation venture.
When asked how the Rotary Club may be of assistance, Treat indicated that providing capital or funding would not be required or sufficient, but a previous discussion that the club had about setting up ways to simply connecting renters with tenants might be something worthwhile to restart.
In other business, Ted Nash provided an update on Reg Gemmell's health.  Ted indicated that he ran into Reg near his home and was happy to see that Reg was recovering well from his recent ill health.
Karen Selick gets the most creative video image award, with her different super-imposed faces.  Kim Lee wins the most creative headwear, which was an arrow struck through his head.  He may have been shot at by Pierre LeBrun, who wins the best Bandana award.


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