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August 27, 2019
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President's  Message

Most of you know that we are away on vacation to the east coast to visit with friends in Nova Scotia. Sunday was a travel day and we stayed overnight in Woodstock NB. Then on the following day to meet up with our friends in the Annapolis Valley.  

On the way there, we made a side trip to view and walk on the ocean and view the flower pots at Hopewell Rocks.   Needless to say, it was magnificent to see the incredible sculpting and formations that nature created.

We arrived at our friends home early evening and enjoyed drinks on the outdoor patio later that night. I decided to pull up my Club Locator apt, on my cell phone and I immediately found three clubs nearby, two that meet on Mondays and one on Tuesday’s for lunch.  I touched base with the contact person for the Wolfville club and arranged to meet them for their lunch meeting the next day.

Their club is a much smaller club than ours. I found that they are much better singers than we are, ha ha.  It is interesting to see how other clubs function and to see their own opening & closing routines.

In the past I have visited other Rotary clubs, in Florida, Panama and now in NS. In each case, I was made to feel welcome by all and enjoyed their meetings.

I would encourage any member to take the time while travelling to visit other clubs.  It is an enrichening experience.

Dave Robinet

Last Week: Brian Mellor & Art Knight (PEFAC)

In the absence of president Dave, the meeting was chaired by past president Phyo.
Ted Nash informed the members that there are 7 remaining Diners and Duffers books available for sale at the store. Otherwise the club has sold all copies.
Brian Mellor and Art Knight provided an update on programs available at PEFAC with a particular focus on the Membership Assistance Program, to which our club has been a regular contributor.
The Membership Assistance Program provides financial assistance to individuals and families who wish to join PEFAC but are unable pay the full fee. The process for determining who receives assistance includes a specific application for assistance requiring supporting documentation of financial need. Based on this, assistance may be provided at one of six different subsidy levels. Currently there are 36 assisted memberships, 23 individual and 13 family. The speakers thanked Rotary for its past support of the program and requested our continuance of support.
In other PEFAC business, we were advised that through the Trillium Foundation a grant of $100,000 had been received which is funding the refurbishing and relocation of the cardio room to the first floor. There will be an Open House for the new room in September. Currently PEFAC offers 53 different programs at the facility.
Phyo conducted a whimsical and somewhat protean new member induction ceremony for John Herringa and Alastair Mathers who were officially welcomed to the club.
Custody of the Crushed Can of Shame was formally transferred from William Mulholland to Geoff Telling.
Aug 27, 2019
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Sep 10, 2019
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Sep 17, 2019
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