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Today:  Meeting Cancelled
March 24, 2020
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District 7070

President's Message

By now you all have read the message from District Governor Beth Selby regarding the actions that are being taken by the RI President Mark Malone. There is a great message in the statements that are being made by all, either it be our own Rotary leaders or doctors that have advised us to take action.

In terms of how we plan to stay in touch as a club, the other day, Past President Phyo and I had a trial Zoom video-conferencing meeting and we are having another dry-run Zoom meeting this Tuesday with board members and committee chairs. Our plan is to have our board meeting via Zoom and then bring our meeting to you once we get this process perfected. We should be able to include our presenters in the zoom meetings as well.  We will send out instructions on how to join the meetings and we should be able to conduct our meetings and keep everyone informed.

This virus has no boundaries, and is affecting younger people as well as the aged. There is no doubt that the younger and healthier you are the better chance you have of recovering from the virus should you get it. On Saturday, I was at the bottle depot on our last day until it is safe to re-open. We were trying to practice a safe distance from people and asked them to stay in their vehicles while we removed their empties from the vehicle.  One gentleman got out of his vehicle to go to the trunk of his car. I asked him to remain inside his vehicle and we would look after things. He said to me, “its okay, I don’t care if I die”. My reply to him was, well I do, so please get back in your car which he did. I don’t know what we have to do to get people to take this situation seriously enough.

Let’s do what we can to encourage everyone we know to take this as serious. Maybe, just maybe it will help stop the spread of the virus. I heard on the news last night that we are 50 days behind China. Once they took it serious, they locked down their cities and they are now just showing a decrease in the number of cases.
Please help us help everyone.

President Dave Robinet

Last Week:  Amy Bodman
Millenium Trail Wetlands

Amy Bodman is the Ecological Advisor to the Millennium Trail Upgrade Committee.  
The Millennium Trail upgrade began when Wellington Rotary initiated the effort by improving 11 kms of the trail along Wellington.  Since then, the committee has upgraded the full length of the trail along the rest of Prince Edward County.  
One of the challenges for the committee was about how to upgrade the path while maintaining the natural habitat of two wetlands that the trail crosses  -  Slab Creek and Hubbs Creek wetlands. These wetlands flow into Pleasant Bay and Huyck's Point, respectively.  Amy provided the research and design for the interpretive signs along the trail near the wetlands.
Wetlands are important for the natural eco system of PEC.  Amongst other things, they act as natural filters that improve water quality by removing a number of contaminants such as phosphorus and nitrogen. In addition, some wetlands in PEC are connected, by water pathways, to underlying groundwater – with water moving into the ground from the wetland (recharge) or moving out of the ground into the wetland (discharge).
Wetlands are also very important for its natural inhabitants such as the beavers, blanding turtles, and a myriad of bird species.  Amy illustrated to us the various birds and natural habitat that live and thrive in the wetlands.
In other business,  Barry Davidson announced that he is working with other community leaders such as Reverend Steve Spicer at the United Church and Linda Downey at the Foodbank to set up a telephone and email helpline for people in the community that may need various help, such as groceries and medical assistance, etc.., during their self-isolation.  Any club member who wants to volunteer is encouraged and welcomed.  Please contact Barry directly. 


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