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Today:  Amy Bodman
Millennium Trail Wetlands
March 17, 2020
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President's Message

There is much talk about the development of the Corona Virus ( Covid19 ) and how it is affecting the world and things around us.

At this point I can’t emphasize enough, if you do not feel well, then please do not come to the club meetings or activity's until you are feeling well.

There are notices of not to travel and locations where not to travel to, especially by air or cruise lines.

 You see that the NBA and all kinds of other sporting events are or are about to suspend games and or seasons because of the outbreak of the virus. The school board has cancelled classes for a two week period following March break.

We went to Costco on the weekend to pick up some groceries.   We weren’t really in need of toiletries, but thought we would check anyway, just because of all the hype that has been going on.  Not a roll to be found at all. The only thing that was available was paper towels.

There is so much hype that you don’t really know what to believe or how to take things.  I just heard that Trump has closed the boarders to foreign nationals and for those residents to the country will undergo screening.

Canada will likely be doing something similar.

Where does this leave us as a club and what should we do about it?

For now, nothing.  We watch what is going on and assess things as they unfold.

We don’t want to get into a panic mode but still need to be cognizant of the situation.  When we come into our morning meetings, we should do what we can to avoid contact, so an arm bump or tapping of the toe might be appropriate.

Just wash your hands, watch what you touch and avoid large groups for now.


Dave Robinet, President
An excerpt from message from Mark Maloney, President of Rotary International:
"In the meantime, this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate that Rotary Connects the World in innovative ways. We should be closely following the advice of the WHO and local health authorities. Again, this includes canceling Rotary club events and meetings in the short term to reduce unnecessary interactions that could cause infections. We can put a greater emphasis on the work we do in our communities by helping our less fortunate neighbors cope with the effects of isolation and fear, or by supporting our health authorities to address this situation."

Last Week:  Corey Engelsdorfer
Wellington Rec Committee

Corey Engelsdorfer is the editor and publisher of the Wellington Times, the local weekly newspaper.  But today Corey came to the Rotary Club to represent the Wellington Recreation Committee (WRC), of which he is the Chairperson.  
The WRC is a team of nine volunteers who tirelessly work to coordinate and organize community events for Wellington.  To name the key events, the WRC is involved in the Canada Day festivities, Pumpkinfest, Santa Claus parade, and the family day events.  Of the four, it is likely that the Santa Claus parade will be dropped because of redundancy with the parade in Bloomfield.  
The WRC faces increasing cost and bureaucracy as they organize each event.  Items such as insurance, need for police services, fire regulations, and red tape for permit applications place many restrictions on what the WRC can accomplish.   Last year the WRC incurred $23,000 in expenses, of which $7,000 was subsidized by the County.  The difference was made up by sponsorships from local businesses or donations like the Rotary.
The WRC plans to focus on the Canada Day festivities in town, because it is most popular and draws people from across the County and  beyond.  Because of our Club's reputation for helping and participating actively in community events, Corey would like to seek Rotary volunteers in operating the Canada Day festivities on June 30 street party and July 1 parade this year.  Tasks such as crowd control and traffic direction require people power that the Rec Committee needs.
After Corey's speech, he received multiple comments from Rotarians assuring him that indeed the Rotary is keen to help the WRC organize and operate the community events and that we appreciate the WRC's contribution to the community.
On other Club business, we are delighted to welcome Ken Robertson, a recent full time resident of Wellington as our newest member.  Ken is a retired Chief of Police in Hamilton Wentworth and was a Rotarian and a Past President in the late 1990's and early 2000's.  Welcome back to the Rotary, Ken.    We also welcome Jacques Michaud who attended the meeting as a guest for the second time.


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