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Rotarian of theYear-Barry Davidson
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Today: Christmas Dinner
December 17, 2019
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District 7070

President's Message

This weekend’s weather was a little milder, but it brought more rain than we expected. Because it was the weekend, we also had the bottle depot. That can mean some sloppy working conditions.  Right around the corner should bring colder weather that will likely be here to stay for a while. With some of that crappy weather, it can make working at the bottle depot a little more of a challenge.  
The thing that I find the most challenging is emptying beer cans into the bins in cold weather. I still haven’t found the perfect pair of gloves. I find I need gloves that can keep my fingers warm, yet still give you the flexibility to handle the cans without dropping them.
I mention this because at times in the cold weather, I didn’t wear the proper gloves. Yes my gloves kept my hands and fingers warm but I couldn’t handle the cans with them on. I had to take my gloves off and we all know that beer cans can be messy at times.  My fingers would get wet and with the cold it added to the discomfort.  I am looking for a proper solution to the situation as to just which type of glove works the best. I think that we need to hear from those that have found a glove that works that will give us the flexibility to handle cans/bottles and also keep our fingers warm.  So, if any of you have come up with what you think is the perfect glove, I would like to hear from you, so that we can pass it on to everyone else.
Safety is an issue when we work and this would fall into the safety category as far as I am concerned.
Just a reminder:
This Tuesday is our Christmas dinner at the Legion so we will not have a morning meeting.  We hope to have dinner served for 6:30 pm, so plan to be there in time to mingle and get yourself and your spouse a drink and find a seat.  Don’t forget the gift exchange.  We would like to keep the gift price down to $10.00 and no booze for gifts please. Find something that might be funny or something that you would want to pass on but not necessarily want to get back!
Dave Robinet

Last Week: Hope Air

Katy David provided the club with some insights on Hope Air, a charitable non-profit organization that provides travel arrangements for special access for people from remote areas of Canada to access medical facilities.  Hope Air has been in existence for 33 years, and this year it provided over 12,500 requests, or about 4300 people. It is primarily geared for patients with low income who can not afford the medical travel. It is mainly air fare and some accommodation  It partners with commercial airlines such as Air Canada and Westjet, and most recently it has partnered with AirBnB. It has also partnered with Shriners to provide specialized children's care in Montreal.  Up to 86cents of every dollar donated to Hope Air goes towards charitable care.  Patients in need access its services via social workers in hospitals and referrals from other community service providers.  Hope Air employs about 13 full time staff, but also relies on over 160 volunteers.  Katie believes the mission of Hope Air aligns well with the Rotary because it is beneficial to all concerned and improves people's health.

In other club business, Bill Mitchell indicated that all volunteer requirements for bottle depot in December is filled.  Howard reported that all arrangements for the Christmas party on Dec 17th have been addressed.  The event will start at 5:30 pm and there will be no morning meeting on that day. Birthday wishes to past president Mike Lattner for Friday the 13th was the main theme for comments at Happy Bucks.


Up-coming Events  

Tuesday, December 17, Christmas Dinner at the Legion.  Cocktails begin at 5:30PM followed by President Dave's Greeting, Turkey Dinner served around 7PM, then the Gift Exchange. 

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R-O-T-A-R-Y, that spells Rotary.
Russell Hampton
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