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Lynn Fennell & Jennifer Sills
Prince Edward Community Theatre
May 12, 2020
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President's Message

Well, that was an interesting week.
Who knew that being trapped in your home environment for over 7 weeks would cause as much emotion as it has?
This is a first, for I would say 99% of us. The only ones that might have experienced something like we have and are experiencing are those that have lived through war time air raids and black out I would expect.
I would also say that it is good to be able to express your feelings and emotions. Being trapped inside does a lot for you and to you and it affects us all in different ways. 
We or should I say I, tested the waters in more way than one this past week. With all good intentions we started to put things into place without probably thinking things through as much as we should have, before acting on them and involving the whole membership.
I found that I was out of order and in breach of the constitution & bylaws, which totally changed the outcome of a vote by the club. I put myself in an awkward position with a lot of people and my leadership was called into question!!
This is a new experience for all of us and certainly a different way to operate and try to lead a local organization.  Throw a full moon into the mix and it tends to compound things. I am learning as I go.
We did a soft opening of the bottle depot on Saturday.  We will have an open discussion on Tuesday morning following the presentation of our speakers.  I have informed them that once their presentation is done, that we would be having a club discussion in private.
President Dave Robinet


Last Week:
Ken Robertson - Classification Speech
Karen Selick - Fighting COVID-19 with Vitamins


Welcome to new member Jacques Michaud.

Ken Robertson Classification

Ken joined the Rotary Club of Wellington in April.  He classifies himself as a "Professional Retiree & Grandparent".  Actually, Ken is a retired Police Chief of Hamilton Wentworth.
Ken was born and raised in the north end of Hamilton. It was a tough neighborhood.  Ken has one brother.  
Ken had an illustrious police career. He walked the beat, drove a cruiser, was in the homicide squad, amongst other things.  Ken also had the experience of policing the Hamilton organized crime, and overseeing the Paul Bernardo case.  Ken has also attended training at Quantico, the FBI headquarters.  
In addition to being the Police Chief of Hamilton Ken was the President of the Ontarion Association of Chiefs of Police.  
Ken's Rotary background is long and accomplished.  He was the Rotarian for 18 years, the President of the Ancaster Rotary Club in 1992-1993,  and he later transferred to the Hamilton Club.  Ken is a Paul Harris Fellow.
Ken left Hamilton after retirement and moved to Southampton.  His children currently reside in Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa, which prompted Ken and wife Louanne to decide to move to Wellington, a midway point between all their children and grandchildren.
Ken is glad to be back in the Rotary. He loves the spirit of the Wellington community, and wants to enjoy life in the County.  He had lunch with David McKinnon and Colin Fredericks one day, and they mentioned the Rotary Club of Wellington, which prompted Ken to decide to return to the Rotary.  We are glad to have Ken re-join the Rotary community, and that he chose our club!

Karen Selick - Fighting COVID-19 with Vitamins

Karen provided a captivating presentation on the importance of having an optimized healthy immune system to fight the COVID-19 virus naturally.  
Karen provided the virtues of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Iodine, Zinc, Monolaurin, and EpiCor.
More information about Karen's presentation can be found on her website blog at:


COVID Pandemic Stay-at-Home Humour:




May 12, 2020 7:07 AM
Prince Edward Community Theatre
May 19, 2020 7:07 AM
Healing with Horses
May 26, 2020
Jun 02, 2020 7:07 AM
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