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Wellington Rec Committee
March 10, 2020
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President's Message

This weekend we went through a time change, as we have for many years.  ( Spring forward, Fall back ).

What did people do before “Daylight Savings Time” exist? Why does it exist? 

What does that do to our bodies?  

Do you go to bed early to make up for that hour of less sleep? Do you get up at the same time that you normally would and just go through your day knowing that you will have one hour less in your day?  Do you get up early to try to adjust for the hour difference in time change and try to reset your internal clock?

I know, a lot of questions, but here’s the thing. The average age of Rotarians is getting up there, as it is in many service clubs.  How we choose to deal with life on a day to day basis is important to our longevity or not. Does this time change help our health or cause more stress than we need to put ourselves through?

Personally, I don’t get the Daylight Savings Time thing! We don’t get anymore daylight or darkness in a given day.  The rotation around the sun determines that. So why do we do it every spring and fall. 

I fell it just messes with our internal clocks.

One person has said, that years ago someone thought that if we moved the clocks forward in the spring, it would give the farmers I believe more time to get out and work in the sunlight.  I don’t know if this is the real reason or not? If it is, is that reason still valid today with the modern technology and advancements in farming equipment? I am certain that farmers are now able to get many more chores accomplished than they did before modern day farm equipment.

I feel that our health is the most important aspect of our life. It is more important than the material things that we have and more important than money. Without our health, we don’t have anything.

So the whole point of this is how are we going to look after ourselves? You have all heard the old phrase: “ Early to bed, early to rise, helps make a person healthy wealthy & wise”.

I look at one of our members and think, what is the secret to the health of that person and think to myself, I hope that I am as vibrant and healthy as he is if and when I get to his age. I personally haven’t asked him his secret, but I look at his lifestyle and feel that working outdoors and getting regular exercise is one of the contributing factors.

I hope that everyone gets through the time change without too much disruption to your day or life.  Stay healthy.

Dave Robinet, President

Last Week:  Birgit Wartenberg
Indigenous Peoples Partnership Committee

Birgit is a Rotarian from the Belleville Club, and she is the lead for the Indigenous Peoples Partnership Committee (IPPC).  IPPC started in Belleville when Birgit and other club members wanted to help and build relationships with indigenous peoples.  Today the IPPC has representatives from various Rotary Clubs in our district and beyond.  Our own Liz Bosma is a volunteer director at the IPPC.
Birgit provided us an update of the achievements and new initiatives that are currently in mind at the IPPC.  The IPPC contacts different indigenous community leaders in Norther Ontario and work with them to coordinate donations and initiatives that will help indigenous communities.  The caveat is that the contacts in the indigenous communities must partner with IPPC and do their share of the work for the initiative (such as arranging shipments and transportation for the donated goods)
The playground equipment that Wellington Rotary contributed to last year, along with other clubs, is now being coordinated for installation.
The bursaries that we contributed to in previous years, along with other clubs, has reaped much benefits - to the extent that one of the bursary winners, who is indigenous, has now joined Rotary and is the current President of the Thunderbay Club.  The institutions where the bursary recipients attended include Lakehead University in Thunderbay and also a college in Sudbury.
Another successful initiative has been to send art supplies to indigenous communities in the north.  Recently IPPC sent 90lbs of art supplies to communities north of Pickle Lake.
On a separate topic, President Dave Robinet informed the club that President Elect John Wiens will not be able to fulfill his duties as President next year, because he will be moving to Australia this year.  Consequently, we will be calling for new candidates to fill the role.


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