October 17, 2021:  The Wellington Rotary Memorial Garden Dedication event was held to honour Rotarians who had passed while in service. Each honoured member brought their own distinctive self into our Club, strengthening it with their energy, skills, and spirit; and bettering it through their fellowship and friendship.  The members of the Rotary Club of Wellington thank them for their service to Rotary and our community.  The eight members honoured on this date were...
- Don Wight (1955-2007, 5 yrs Service, Charter Member)
- Chuck McWilliams (1934-2016, 10 yrs Service)
- John Mulder (1934-2016, 9 yrs Service)
- Gord Lloyd (1926-2017, 15 yrs Service, Charter Member)
- Gil Van Soelen (1938-2018, 16 yrs Service, Charter Member)
- Art Sinclair (1946-2019), 12 yrs Service, Club President 2011-2012)
- Brian McGowan (1951-2019, 9 yrs Service, Club President 2013-2014 & 2014-2015)
- Jim Van Kregten (1937-2019, 17 yrs Service, Charter Member, Club Treasurer 2002-2007, Honourary Member, Past President Amherst Club)
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